Wednesday, June 1, 2016

round 2

"our wounds are often the openings into the best and most beautiful part of us"
(david richo)

well today i go in for round 2.

i had the best intentions of writing last night but got hit by a nausea tidal wave around 4 and never recovered. by the time i got home, i was down for the count for the night.

nausea came on strong again on monday. i thought that i might be able to sleep it off but no such luck. i went to bed at about 10 and was freezing cold (nausea makes me really cold) and then finally got up and took some meds so that i could try and sleep. got about 2 hours of sleep and woke up and was soaking wet. this is kind of a constant routine, i got to bed freezing cold so i wear warm clothes and then wake up a sweaty mess. by the time i crawled out of bed to face the day, i felt a little better but not great. that continued until the 4pm tidal wave and then i was down for the count until this morning. woke up not feeling well and took one of my nausea meds that works well but makes me super drowsy, so as soon as i finish those post i am going to take a nap. i can barely keep my eyes open at this point.

i got my new meds to help with nausea that should not make me drowsy, and as expected, they come with their own list of side effects. so i am going to use those only when i feel like i have to as i don't want to deal with those side effects on top of everything else. a vicious little circle.

so today i check in at 12:45. then i have bloodwork and iv. then doctor appointment. then counseling appointment. then the first drug. then the second drug. should leave there sometime between 7-8 i would guess. it will be another long day.

i am sure that my sister or barrett will write a quick post tonight to let you know how things go today.

thanks for all the love.

anywhere i fight, you fight. xo

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