Wednesday, June 22, 2016

on the other side----


think i am officially on the other side of the hell that was the last 24 hours.

definitely low energy and tiiiiiiiiiiired but i can walk and talk thanks to the nausea and fever going away so i am pretty happy about that.

had a long work day and then ended the day with "finding dory" and some green tea and popcorn with the other two hansons and our buddies.

good times.

i am now going to bed to get my rest up for another day, my big brother will be happy about that (although i can hear him already telling me i am late since it is past the 10pm curfew he tends to focus on).

but before i do, one thing that i saw earlier and LOVED (capital letters so you know this is big) this week was this post by elise. she had reposted the canvas on instagram and i instantly knew that i needed to make it. because there are definitely times when i think that i can't do this, but then i immediately think that i am going to do it anyways. because there isn't any other option now is there? we all know the answer to that. so it will be a great reminder to see each and every day. might be the newest piece of art that i add to the new house. definitely on my list of to do's as soon as we get settled in.

and with that, i am going to make my big brother happy (or happier than he would be if i rallied to bed at 11pm) and call it a day.

we are half way through the week peeps.

yes, we are almost there.

we can do this.

i know we can.

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