Tuesday, June 21, 2016

plans change

i will definitely be writing about our great trip to texas, but am feeling really sick today and can't write about a fun trip when i am feeling like hell.

either due to meds or a bug, i am down for the count today. last night i got hit by a massive tidal wave of nausea to the point that i could not move. had a fever throughout the night/into this morning, and feel like i just got my you-know-what kicked. but i think that the fever has finally broke so that is good news.

i had bloodwork yesterday and my liver levels are up again above normal levels. not as high as they were at the start of the steroids, but a little bit above the normal range. which is frustrating since the levels were all good last week.

so that means i don't get to do any further tapering of the steroids this week.

so that means i won't get off of the steroids next week as planned.

so that means i will be on the steroids longer than we hoped.

which is pretty frustrating for me.

but it is out of my control so all i can do is keep taking the steroids, dealing with the side effects, and hoping that next week my levels come back down again.

we are going to do scans on july 8th. we will then get the results on july 11th. pending those results, we may start treatment on the 11th.

so hopefully i feel better soon and feel like writing about something much more fun than steroids and fevers.

hope your weeks are off to a great start. xo

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