Monday, June 6, 2016

livers + scans + elephants

my liver counts are down, that is good news. i will go back in for bloodwork next monday to confirm that the counts are still trending down. as predicted, i will probably be on steroids for a month or so until i can come off of them. we will see, four steroid pills  (in addititon to the other 10 or so things i am needing to take a day) and i will take it as it comes.

best news of the day is that beth's scan results came back clear! woot woot! she will go back for scans in 6 months. so she gets half a year off from scans, that is so great and i am so, so, so happy for her;) we knew those results were going to be good but i was so happy to see her message come through this morning. huge, palpable relief. thanks for all the love and support you have been sending her way.

for some reason, maybe the steroids, my legs and and ankles/feet are insanely swollen. and they hurt so bad. if you hear a distance thunder in the background, it isn't really thunder, it is me just walking around my house. i am currently writing this with my feet propped up trying to lesson the pain and hopefully decrease the swelling. it is crazy how bad swelling hurts. ugh.

my mom asked me to tell her how i am feeling in the morning.

i told her she will be able to tell by how loud my walk sounds in the morning.

she lives two hours away.

i am pretty sure that she will able to hear me from there.

ok kids, i am taking my two trunks, i mean legs, to bed in hopes they decrease overnight.

have a good tuesday.

boom. boom. boom.

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  1. Oh, I know the pain of swelling ah too well (major surgery on my left foot). Try ice on your ankles and lie down with your feet higher than your heart. ((Hugs))