Thursday, June 9, 2016

fight club

"when you find yourself tipped over by the gusts of life;
when you fall to the floor and shatter.
there are those who will walk around your pieces,
lest they cut themselves upon the scatter.
but others will pick up your broken bits, they'll cherish all they can gather.
these are the ones to whom you must hold on forever ---- not those who forsook you
-- but the ones who glued you back together."
(shakieb orgunwall)

there are just so many good people in this world.

i am lucky to know a lot of them.

today i got a great surprise when i learned that friends coordinated together to create melanoma "fight club" t-shirts to raise funds for our shore walk team this year.

combined they raised over $2,700 for our shore walk team.

that is a lot of t-shirts.

how awesome is that?

yep, pretty damn awesome.

i am a very, very lucky girl to have so many people who care so much about me and my family.

i knew that before i was diagnosed with cancer, and before this latest round began, but i am continually reminded of it every single minute of every single day.

and for that i -- and every piece of my scatter that gathers at my feet --- are forever and humbly thankful.

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