Monday, May 11, 2015

the calm before the storm

ok, to be honest, there is really never calm before scan week.

but there can be fun and i gave it a hell of a run over the weekend.

as expected, the weekend was full of lots of good things.

a lot of laughter with girlfriends under a gorgeous blue sky day. catching up while eating great food. s'mores by the campfire. stories shared. connections made. hugs all the way around. a 40th birthday marked with memories to always hold close.

a training run on saturday that was a grind (it was a hot day in the pnw) but we got miles in and we did it together. go team hanson.

the mariner's game on a sunshine filled pacific northwest day that could not have been more perfect. great family time while watching malena instantly fall in love with baseball, pretty sure that she has had a ball in her hand for most of the time since we were at the stadium. i don't think that she ever wants that new pink hat to come off of her head. the family definitely has a new baseball fan, that is a given. she is counting down the days until we can go back.

mom's day was a really good one. family time. great food (mom, i am still full). laughter. hugs. time around women that i love. if i had also been with my sister it would have been just about perfect.

so now monday rolls around and the pre-scan traditions come into full effect. superstition kicks in and i take comfort in keeping all of my patterns the exact same.

i got about two hours of sleep last night and i am exhausted, which is pretty typical as i head into scan day. but i will keep moving on this empty tank because i can't sit still. constant motion is the name of the game when the stress level is off the charts.

so i am off to wake up my girl and get our day started.

have a good monday peeps, make the most of it.

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