Tuesday, May 5, 2015

psa #2: empathy cards

time for another public service announcement (psa).

i have loved emily mcdowell's cards for quite a long time.

i have given many of them to friends and family through the years.

but my love for her cards grew immensely today with the launch of her new "empathy card" line.

you can read all about the new line, the reason she created the line, and see the new 8 cards on her blog. check them out.

i can so relate to her words in the blog post, and i think that these cards are some of the very best i have ever seen to send to someone who is fighting cancer, illness, etc.

as you all know by now, i am a huge fan of happy mail and getting a great card with a handwritten note is such a good thing at anytime -- but especially when you are both feeling like hell and going through hell at the same time.

my friend jill (hi jill -- love you) saw this same post today and said that thought of me when she saw the lemon card. if you read my psa #1, you will totally understand why.

so now if you need the perfect card to send to someone you love who needs support, you know where to go.

i love it when people like emily make the world a better place.

one card at a time.

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