Thursday, May 21, 2015

around here

around here i am pretty much exhausted. i am always exhausted going into scans, but once the anxiety is gone, the exhaustion hits even harder. so tired. feel like i could sleep all weekend. hmmm, that is sounding like a pretty good idea.
around here i loved reading  me before you. it was so, so good.

around here i am excited to start reading the life changing magic of tidying up after hearing so much about this book. so curious about this one.

around here i am running a lot of miles.

around here my legs are wondering when they are going to get a break.

around here i am telling my legs to check in with me mid-june but to just keep going along with me in the meantime.

around here honey chex are my favorite go to snack.

around here i am looking forward to dinner and shopping tomorrow night with one of my most favorite peeps.

around here i kind of can't wait to sleep in on saturday morning.

around here i am pretty in love with ed sheeran's latest song photograph.

around here i am so excited that my get to work book showed up today (more on that next week). i kind of want to sleep with it under my pillow because i love it that much and am so inspired to make some big goals happen (insert fist pump emoji here).

around here i am eating a couple of jelly beans while i write this post. because jelly beans. enough said.

around here i am wishing that a little work fairy would show up and get the 1,000 things on my plate done. i keep watching for her, but she must keep getting lost.

around here i love coming home and seeing the colors of all of the flowers in our planters.

around here i have been loving the sunshine that we have been graced with the last couple of days. hello, summer.

around here i feel like i should buy stock in green tea because i drink so much of it.

around here i am going to head to bed now because it is 19 minutes past 10pm and my big brother is not going to be happy with me.

around here i wish you a great weekend. xo

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