Wednesday, May 27, 2015

6 months

rooms to paint.
projects to complete.
flowers to water.
happy mail to send.
hugs to give.
hugs to receive.
milestones to celebrate.
books to read.
miles to run.
finish lines to cross.
trips to plan.
trips to take.
moments to capture.
pictures to take.
photo albums to assemble.
recipes to make.
smoothies to drink.
picnics to have.
friends to root for.
adventures to plan.
tidying-up to do.
memories to make.
i love you's to say.
kisses to give.
laughs to have.
laughs to hear.
ciders to drink.
berries to devour.
campouts to enjoy.
sleep to get.
naps to squeeze in.
thanks to give.
time to savor.

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