Thursday, May 14, 2015


 yesterday was a great day. one of the very best.

the scans looked good and my organs looked clear. the moment he said all was good it was like we could breathe again. it is always such a big reminder to me of how i have essentially been holding my breathe for so long when we go into those appointments. the ability to breathe again feels so good.

i will go back in again in 6 months for my next round of scans. we will do brain scans at that time too. if melanoma comes back (which we know it won't, right? right) it can come back in the brain so he wants to a scan just to ensure that everything is ok. if it would show up in the brain he would want to make sure that we catch it early, and it has been awhile since my last brain scan. so we will add that to the list next round and so we will focus on a clear brain and clear organs in the next round.

after getting the good news, we celebrated with our parents at the same restaurant we have now gone to after every good scan report. it is now part of the tradition around scans and we do not intend to break it. as you may guess, i had a cider.

we then crammed in a quick power nap as we were so tired, barrett and i had got almost no sleep on tuesday night so we were exhausted and good news allowed us to actually rest for the first time in a long time.

my mom got to be a special guest reader in malena's class so that was a great way to wind down the day. barrett and i got a 5 mile training run in while the rain poured down. we ate great food and celebrated with our parents and malena over dinner.

thank you all again for your love and support to get us through another round of scans, it always feels good to know that no matter what comes we are surrounded by so many that are rooting us on.

if you are looking for a great way to make the world a little bit better today, there is a great event happening on the momastery blog today. they are raising funds to provide support to 176 "sHERoes" who are doing amazing things to make our world a better place. my dear friend jill is one of those 176 sHERoes and she is doing great things by working to support the development of a new playground at her local pre-school and the development of a dream park in her community where all kids can play -- including those that may require special assistance and are not typically able to play at a playground like the rest of the kids.

go jill go, you have always been a sHERoe to me. xo

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