Tuesday, May 12, 2015

and here we go again

monday went fast, the days before scans always do.
i got a run in first thing in the morning before my 24 hour exercise restriction kicked in.
lunch and a cupcake with one of my favorite people.
took time to sit in a coffee shop, drink a green tea, and read my book. i never have time to do that so i took advantage of the opportunity.
a long massage which actually helped me to relax for 90 minutes.
time with my girl.
monthly dinner in seattle with my friend chris.
opening of happy mail.
now tuesday morning is here and in four hours i will be checking in to start the process. we all know how it goes at this point.
thanks for all of the good vibes and prayers as we make our way through these next two days.
anywhere i go, you go.
i wish we were going anywhere else than where we are headed to today.
deep breaths.

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