Monday, June 2, 2014


that word.


sometimes i like it. sometimes i am not a fan hate it.

on the days that i am not a fan, i feel like the word gives an impression that you are just barely hanging on and cancer is lurking in the shadows just waiting on its chance to pounce.

as you know, i prefer words like fighter, warrior, a*# - kicker.

yesterday was national cancer survivor's day.

so regardless of how i feel about the word itself, i see it as a day to acknowledge all of those affected by cancer - including those that have finished their fights, those currently waging their fight, and those that love someone who has fought cancer (because caretakers and loved ones fight their own battles as well).

although there were the usual chores that we could have done around the house, i thought that we should make the most of the day. we had breakfast at our favorite place. we spent hours and hours (and hours) at the zoo. we fed elephants bamboo. malena got her face painted. we had a picnic lunch outside in the sunshine. we ate frozen yogurt. we watched malena get soaked while playing in a fountain - which led to us filling her pool when we got home so that she could play some more in the water. we played crib (don't ask barrett who won). we watered our beautiful flowers. i went on a three mile run (btw, personal record set on friday when i logged a 5 mile run - woot woot!).

we thrived, not just survived.

+++ if you are doing the shore walk this weekend, and you haven't heard from me about packets, let me know - some peeps that signed up aren't showing up on my team list so get in touch so we can coordinate. xo

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