Tuesday, June 10, 2014

the 6 month list

between now and my next round of scans, the following are some of the things on my to do list:

+++ go to disneyland and live it up at the happiest place on earth for four days.

+++ take malena on a surprise trip that is going to make her beyond excited (i can't tell you or it wouldn't be a surprise now would it? but you know i will tell you all about it when the time is right).

+++ turn 39. damn, that is going to feel good. 39. another year. i could not be more thankful.

+++ mark the four year anniversary of my cancer diagnosis. four years since that fateful phone call. four years of fighting both physically and mentally. that will be a tough day, but it will also be a day when i will be so thankful to still be here, for still being in the fight for my life.

+++ get to watch malena lose more teeth, and be excited for that sneaky tooth fairy to come.

+++ pick out malena's halloween costume, carve pumpkins, and watch her go trick or treating.

+++ celebrate my niece graduating with her 2 year degree, and watch her leave for a new college to finish her final years. i will also get to celebrate her turning 21 years old, which seems to so hard to believe as i remember the day she was born like it was yesterday.

+++ run a 10k, and i will train hard over the next three months. i am also considering adding in an 8k this summer just for fun. run alli run.

+++ have picnics in the park.

+++ document our life through pictures.

+++ hang some favorite pictures and prints in our living room for my first collage wall (jenny meyerson thank you for the inspiration).

+++ celebrate friends and family's birthdays and anniversaries.

+++ watch my friend chris marry her soulmate.

+++ eat monthly monday night dinners with chris, rounding up our total to about 187 dinners in the last 16 years.

+++ drink a ton of green smoothies.

+++ meet with my nutrionist and continue to work on my goals for keeping my immune system in as good as shape as possible.

+++ try new recipes.

+++ read books. (sidenote - i can tell you one book i will not be reading which is "the fault in our stars" -- i can't wait until the media blitz is over on that book and movie. i am sure it is good and there is a message in there that helps people to see a different perspective on cancer, but for me, being constantly bombarded by the news and hype about it is like being constantly kicked in the gut with no preparation)

+++ give a ton of hugs.

+++ laugh.

+++ smile.

+++ cry (there will be tears, that is a given).

+++ go to bed by 10pm (this one is for you stevie).

+++ slow down (thank you kelly for the reminder).

+++ have campout nights every weekend.

+++ watercolor.

+++ make cards.

+++ send happy mail.

+++ go on a rock climbing date night with my husband.

+++ enjoy movie nights with my favorite movie date (you know who you are).

+++ support my fellow cancer fighters, here is a new favorite pic of me and beth from last night.
+++ watch "frozen" at an outdoor movie night at the park in july.

+++ eat gluten free rice krispy treats at starbucks every once in a while (a girl needs a treat every now and then).

+++ jump on my trampoline and give my lymph nodes a good workout.

+++ watch the horse races on the sunday of labor day weekend like we do every year. yearly traditions, i love them.

+++ look up in the sky to see the fireworks on the 4th of july.

+++ say my thanks for the wonderful dads that i will get to celebrate on father's day.

+++ go to the DMV and get a new driver's license. the current picture on my license is from when i was pregnant and i had long blonde curly hair. that girl doesn't exist anymore, so it is time for a new picture.

+++ watch malena swim, do gymnastics, dance, play, sing.

+++ help my friend move to a new home in seattle for an exciting new start.

+++ drink maybe a hard cider or two.

+++ do some trip planning, i would love to go back to nyc this year.

+++ feel so excited and proud on malena's first day of kindergarten (that for sure might be a day with tears).

+++ write in this space.

+++ dream.

+++ hope.

+++ believe.

+++ love.

+++ say my thanks for every big and small moment i am given.

+++ live.


  1. Love this 6 month list! Here's to hoping I can doing of this things with you :) #3 #8 #9 15 oh I've already lost track but Frozen outdoor theater made me a little giddy. With ciders! Cheers to Anjou filled summer

  2. And apparently I'm drunk on autocorrect. Joy filled summer though maybe some pears too :)

  3. 10pm! Good luck on getting the tasty Pullman cider. You know you has an issue about sharing.