Sunday, June 22, 2014

the view

this has been my view for the entire weekend. looking out at the sunshine from my couch as i fight a terrible cold that has left me miserable and with no energy. like everyone, i hate being sick, i especially hate it on a weekend when the sun is out and i have one million things that i need to be doing. ugh. i also don't like knowing that my immune system is not doing great as i work so hard to keep it in as good of shape as possible.

beth has been doing well this weekend, and it looks like she is going to be able to head home tomorrow. she has been getting up and walking around, dropping off the epidural and some of the pain meds, and moving off of a liquid diet. here an update she shared in her own words from the weekend:

"I am at the end of the second day of recovery. My doctors seem pleased with my progress. I am on clear liquids today and will be on real food tomorrow.

Still having trouble with low blood pressure. They think it's likely due to the epidural. The more I get up as well will be helpful. So they have been lowering my dose of the epidural to help with the blood pressure but then I hurt more and need to keep getting up more since that is good for my recovery. So it is a balancing act.

 I did 2 short walks today. The first one I got really lightheaded and the second one went better. Obviously I will have pain for awhile. It's the wound on the inside of my leg that hurts the most. And that will be there for awhile. Still 3 weeks before I can sit.

I am also running a low grade fever. I was last night at least and feel hot again. They check vitals quite frequently. The first night it was every hour. Last night it was every few hours so I got some sleep in slightly larger blocks.

I am so thankful to have my parents here to help both now and when I get home because I won't be able to take care of myself for awhile. Thanks for your messages, visits, flowers, prayers and the list goes on.

They are thinking I can go home on Monday. I need to be eating so I can transfer to oral pain meds and off the epidural and then we will see how my movement goes.

Just wanted to give you all a quick update. My surgeon, not the plastic surgeon, reinforced that he thought the surgery went great. Pathology results will be back next week. No matter what they say I will still have my chemo treatment.

Thank you for your continued love, support and prayers."

i also wanted to share this update on chase as well as he had his latest round of updates at mayo last week:

"Another successful recap with Mayo! Instead of making the hour and half drive, we talked them into a conference call! In a nutshell , all was good. The DR. team met and collectively agreed that Chase is headed in the right direction.
-His lungs look great, no infections, there was one sign of a small bacteria with a rating of 1-4, 4 being the strongest. His was a 1. :)
-His tone is one of our concerns. We have decided to put him on a new med. Dantrolene. We are hoping that this will kick in and help his little arms out.
-His puking still exists. We were given 3 options. 1. put in a J tube. 2. start another new med, Regland. This we have decided to wait on for now because we have already started a med for his tone. We feel that the tone med is more important for right now. 3. Do nothing, hoping the tone med will take over and the puking will stop. We have chosen number 3.
-Weight. Chase has been consistent with his weight. He hasn't lost anything but hasn't gained anything either. We all know he has grown in length by looking at his legs, but his weight is another story. His dietician has suggested that we add in a calorie boost. An oil that has added fats and calories. We will be giving this 3 times a day with his meds. Hopefully that will help and he can put on a couple of pounds.
All in All, it was a good visit. The team agreed that Chaser is heading in the right direction. We will take this as a positive - Ill be it slow, but hey......its improving! We are going to be down there again in three months for another tune-up. Until then, we are going to keep pluggin along and watching the improvements .. Have a great weekend- Looking forward to Chasers Golf Event on Monday sponsored by the Keys Cafe.

God Is Good!"

i am going to be off the blog for a few days as we head east to say goodbye to rabi. please send your love and prayers to the peterson family and all those that love and miss rabi as we gather on monday.

+++ anything my friends liz and kelly do is magic, i can't wait for this one move class to begin next month.
+++ i just got one of these banners that i will be putting up on our collage wall and i love it. i could have ordered every single banner and been pretty happy about it. swoon.
+++ i ordered a couple of these jars as a gift (i got some of the little bird jars and they are super cute
+++ i have been eyeing these for quite a while
+++ i am pretty sure that i have never seen anything made with felt that is as cool as this

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