Wednesday, June 25, 2014


there are days when you get good news and you can physically feel the relief. i had one of those days today when i heard from beth that the results were in.

here is an update that she sent out in her own words:

" I just got a call from my surgeon. My pathology results are in.
The margins were clean and so were the lymph nodes!! There was a little residual cancer in the specimen. But they got it! He said it would now make me a Stage 1 diagnosis since radiation. He was so encouraging about my prognosis. We will talk about it more at my follow up appointment with him but he wanted to share it with me right away.
I will still need chemo but we are on the right track here and my body is responding. Everyone told me how large the tumor was since the beginning, so the fact that they got it is amazing.
It's interesting but I wasn't worried about the pathology results. You all have been sending all your prayers and everything you got at me. So thank you for that. Thank you for getting me to this point and thank you for getting me beyond this point. I am glad to be celebrating the good news with you all.
Thanks for your love, support and prayers."

whew, feels good to breathe again.

thanks for all of the prayers, love and mojo that you have sent her way -- keep it coming, clearly it is working its magic:)

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