Wednesday, May 28, 2014

when cancer is told to suck it (it makes me happy)

i got some great news last night. my friend mike that has been fighting diffuse large b cell lymphoma had a bone marrow test last friday. his oncologist called yesterday to let him know that the test was completely negative -- as in 0.00% cancer. isn't that the best number ever? i think so too. i love (big time) the days when good news comes, a reminder that cancer doesn't always call the shots. in fact, sometimes it is told to suck it (big time), and you know i love that.

on thursday mary goes in for the first of two appointments this week. tomorrow is the ultrasound to determine the location needed for the surgery. let's hope it is as small of an area as possible so no skin grafting is needed. friday she meets with the surgeon. so send your mojo, luck, prayers and love to wisconsin over the next two days. i know that mary plans to tell cancer to suck it, she is in fact probably chanting that in her sleep right now as i type this;)

happy thursday all -- one more, super long, taking forever to get here, day -- and then friday. for a short week, it could not take any longer to get here.

+++ i have never met an andes mint that i haven't loved (thank you grandma josephine for introducing me to them), pretty sure that i am going to have to whip up a gluten free version of these. yum, yum, yum - give me some.

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