Tuesday, June 24, 2014

rabi's day

yesterday we gathered to honor rabi.

there are many things that i will remember about the day.

all of the kind words that were said about him from so many. he clearly touched countless lives in a million different and positive ways.

the tears.

the hugs.

all of the family that gathered, and so many of the peterson's friends.

the fact that the church was standing room only and it felt like everyone in the town was there to pay their respects. just one of the many signs that he was well loved and respected.

the blue sky and sunshine.

the pictures capturing many of the big and day to day moments of rabi's life, each one so special and important.

the music.

there are two other parts of the day that i will never forget.

as we were landing in minnesota early in the morning, the sunrise was gorgeous out of the window of the plane.

as we left rabi and susie's house late in the day, i turned back to look at the house one last time and the sun was setting right over the top of the house. it could not have been more perfect, so i asked barrett to stop so i could jump out and take a picture.

i will always remember that sunrise and sunset, i am pretty sure that rabi ordered them up directly for his day.

memorable bookends on a day spent remembering a memorable man.

one who will always be remembered.

one who will always be missed.

gone but definitely not forgotten.

champions never are.

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