Thursday, June 26, 2014

lights + trolls = good things

i have always wanted to have lights on our back deck, and each summer goes by, and it never happens. this summer i decided that it was going to happen.

last week malena and i picked up some awesome lights (thank you target) so that we could make our deck a little happier for the summer. earlier this week while barrett and i were out of town my dad made my light dreams come true by helping me out with my project. he added hook rings on to our deck posts and hung up and connected the lights.
i am so excited about how the project turned out (thanks dad!), i could just sit and stare at those lights every night. they make me pretty happy.

 in addition, i have these two guys keeping us company on the front porch and back patio (i got the blue guy at target this year and saw yesterday that he is now on clearance - i kind of wanted to buy more so he could have some buddies to hang out with). these two make me pretty happy as well, it feels like they watch over the flowers and make sure that everything is growing as it should.

yep, it doesn't make much to make my summer nights a little bit happier. if you are looking for me this summer, you might be able to find me on my back patio hanging out with my blue friend and my awesome lights. maybe i will have a cold cider in my hand as well. just maybe.

i hope that you all have a great weekend, ours should be a good one. we have a pre-k graduation party tomorrow for malena, how is that even possible? next stop is kindergarten, how is that even possible? i don't know either. campouts. sleeping in (which i can't wait for because there has not been enough of it around here this week). family time celebrating my niece's graduation (go taylor). hopefully some time in the craft room, and a little bit of catch up on life in general.

enjoy yours, i hope that it finds you doing something that makes your summer nights just a little bit better too. xo

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