Thursday, May 8, 2014

relief + happy mail for beth v. 2.0

i think that we are still in the good kind of shock.

thanking our lucky stars for the good results yesterday.

a little more on the results --- the spot on my liver that we were worried about did not pick up any of the radioactive material which would indicate that it is not a cancerous tumor (tumors absorb the radioactive material). there were no spots that picked up the material on either of my lungs. awesome news!!!

the ct scan showed a spot on my right lung and one on my left lung. but the spots are small enough that my oncologist is not worried at this time - the spots could be anything. in looking at my previous scan, one of the spots was there but just showed more pronounced on this scan. that doesn't automatically mean it is a problem. so we will watch both of those spots in my next round. the goal would be that they do not grow between now and then.

six months. i have a couple of thoughts on that six month mark for my next round of scans and will write more on that soon. i also have my list of things i will do in the next six months and will share that next week.

for all of the moms out there (or for anyone that is looking for a great way to acknowledge a  mom for everything she does), you should do yourself a favor and read this post about moms by kelly corrigan. you will love it, i promise. you are "the glue beneath the glitter." i hope that you enjoy your special day on sunday.

last, but certainly not least, thanks to those of you who have signed up for "happy mail for beth, version 2.0" (an awesome name my friend jill came up with yesterday;)). if you would like to send happy mail to beth, let me know anytime and i will get you the info. if you have  minutes that you can spare in an upcoming week to cheer up someone who is fighting cancer, then you are the perfect person for the happy mail campaign. i would love to have enough happy mail lined up that we can cover the weeks through her surgery/recovery in june and into chemo -- i know we can do it! 

beth's surgery yesterday went well and she got good news that they were able to determine that her tumor has shrunk significantly which is the goal and will be really helpful for the major surgery to come in june. we like good news -- shrink tumor shrink!! thank you for all of the prayers and mojo and good vibes you sent her way, clearly they worked;)

i hope that you all have a great weekend, may you take in and enjoy all of the moments -- big and small.

i know that i definitely will. xo

+++ i think that this is one of the very best commercials i have seen. ever. 

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