Tuesday, May 27, 2014


“you have to put your flag down and draw a circle and inside that circle put all the things you love. your favorite memories and people you cherish and art and poems and all the rest. when something tries to slide into the circle you didn’t put there, you have to give it some serious thought whether or not it can stay. keep drawing circles and every so often, check in and see what has snuck in when you had your head bent over reading an email. if you find your circle is filled with things people you have said about you or ways in which you hate yourself, here is my advice, which comes, of course, with a grain of salt: pick up your flag and replant it. carry that unwieldy flagpole straight across the world if you need to and draw a new circle and make it smaller so less crap can come in.”
(jennifer pastiloff)
i am going to remember this and will pick up my flag and draw new circles whenever i need to from now on.
i hope you will do the same.
maybe we can meet up somewhere along the way.
i would like that.

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