Tuesday, May 6, 2014

send your love to seattle + more happy mail for beth

tomorrow we are going to need you to send a lot of love to seattle.

my results are at 9am. there are a million things that i could say about how i feel about going in to tomorrow, but if you have been reading this blog long enough, you know what i would write and you know how i feel. thank you for all of the love, mojo, prayers and good vibes you are sending our way. we feel all of it and we are carrying it with us as we face this long night ahead and the morning hours until my oncologist walks in that room and tells us what our lives will look like.

beth is having an unexpected surgery tomorrow at 12. due to side effects from chemo/radiation, she is having a surgery tomorrow that was originally intended to be part of her major surgery in june. so we need a ton of love and prayers sent her way tomorrow for this surgery and for her recovery and for her to mend on the other side of it. she will still have a major surgery in june but she did get good news last week that the tumor is shrinking which is awesome. now we need to focus on getting through tomorrow. i will know that she will do great because she is a fighter and she is brave and she can tackle whatever comes her way. but cancer should never have had to been one of them.

i also want to take this opportunity to ask for your support to continue the happy mail campaign for beth. now that we know that her surgery will be in june, and she will have recovery, and chemo on the other side of all of that - i would like to extend the happy mail campaign to get her through this. i know that both her and mary have been so appreciative of all of the happy mail that they have received. in a recent post, beth shared the following...

"I have attached a picture of my basket full of cards I have received since the diagnosis. I have gotten a couple comments on it from people when they have been over recently. It's definitely full! I am so touched by all the caring messages I get from people and I look forward to my happy mail. 

Thank you all for continuing to lift me up, for your love, support and prayers."

so if you would like to sign up for the happy mail campaign, let me know. i will assign you a certain week and you send beth some happy mail that week -- a card, a postcard, anything you would like. if you would like to sign up, leave a comment on the blog, email me, text me, send me a message, send me smoke signals from a fire, send up roman candles into the sky, communicate with me anyway that you know how and i will be in touch with the details.

oh wednesday, i have a lot of hopes for you. please, please, please do not let me down.

thanks in advance for all of the love you are going to send to seattle tomorrow.

we all appreciate it.

anywhere i go, you go. xoxo

ps) to the awesome and anonymous person in cali who sent me the gorgeous flowers, thank you -- they are beautiful and i really appreciate it:)

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