Wednesday, July 31, 2013



yes, i am so relieved.

yes, i feel like i can breathe again. amazing how after scans -- when good news comes -- i realize that i have really been holding my breath for the last couple of weeks. deep breaths feel so good to take again.

yes, i am exhausted. sleep has not been my friend lately as you can imagine, so i am looking forward to getting some peaceful sleep again.

yes, i am building the list of what i will do in the next three months.

yes, i will share it here soon.

yes, i am still a little in shock that we got good news. not that i didn't believe, not that i didn't have hope, not that i didn't want it more than anything. but, when those words finally come, it takes a little bit of time to feel safe that those words won't get taken away from you. that someone won't realize it was a mistake, and you got the wrong results. the good news was meant for someone else, not for you.

yes, i am thankful for all of the love we have received as moved through this week. it is amazing and overwhelming in the best possible way.

yes, three more months.

yes, it feels like i got a lifetime back. my lifetime back.

yes, it gives me continued hope that i can and i will beat this.

yes, i will.

yes, i can.


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  1. Yes. We will continue to send you MOJO and lots of XOXO.