Sunday, July 21, 2013

the whole fam-damily

this weekend our entire family was together. love that.

on the drive over, the view was amazing.

looking forward.

looking back.

licking the beaters with the red velvet frosting that my mom makes me for my birthday cake. every single year. the same cake since i was a little kid. my favorite. once a year, i can pretty much eat an entire cake by myself and be pretty damn happy about it.

cold gluten free hard cider. yes please.

sister reflections in a downtown coffee shop window.

qt with our youngest family member.

laughter. lots and lots of laughter. laughing so hard there were tears. the best kind of laughing.

celebrating my 38th, my nephew's 23rd, my sis-in-law's 51st. a july birthday celebration.

the one part of our weekend that i wish would not be real was the sad news that came with a phone call saturday morning that our family friend shelly unexpectedly and tragically lost her 19 year old son. we send her endless amounts of love. please send good vibes, prayers, mojo to shelly and her family as the move through this unimaginable time. thank you.

another week begins. this is scan countdown week. it is going to be a long, emotional, anxious filled week. here we go peeps. deep sigh.

good thoughts. good thoughts. good thoughts.

speaking of good thoughts, here is the latest good news on chase:

"I had the alarm set for 7am just incase- but there was no need for that. The butterflies in my gut had me up and atem just past the 6 O clock hour. Lisa had all of our gear packed the night before-Chasers meds, formula, change of clothes, diapers, soft wipes ect.. It seemed really odd to be ordered to bring all of this with us to back to Gillette's for surgery- the same hospital that used to supply us with everything from meds, beds, and everything inbetween, all the way down to the fancy socks with traction on the bottom of them. The hospital that we spent most of our last 90 days roaming the halls, and making friends with all of the busy bodies in here, was now treating us a visitor- a normal out patient.
We arrived a couple minutes late, but with plenty of time to check in and meet the surgical team. We got the lowdown on the procedure and possible complications. After wiping Chaser down with the steril pads, I put on the disposible surgical outfit and headed in with the team to be by Chaser as they put him under. They put the gas mask on him, and in very short time he was fast asleep. I came back to the waiting room, where Lisa and I were greeted by the Hospital Dietician to discuss Chasers formula and weight. He has actually gained a pound in the last week despite all of his throwing up! We agreed to keep him on the formula he is on, and try keep notes to try and figure out when and why he is throwing up so often. A couple of minutes later we headed up to the 4th floor the say hi to our friends up there. As we exited the elevator, the pager went off. It had only been about 15 mins, this couldn't be good.... I called the number on the pager and they said the Dr. was done, and everything went great! We went back down to meet with the dr. She explained everything went very smooth. The scope inside his stomach revealed the ulcer is gone, but he does have an inflamed esophagus. This might explain why he is throwing up all the time- he has already been on a med for this, but we have switched to a pill form, in hopes it will be more effective. The botox and fenel shots when great as well. Chase is now wide awake, mellow, and is recovering like a champ! We just finished the Mik-ey demo -we can take that off our bucket list :) We are packing up and getting ready to head home. Hopefully Chasers good spirit stays with him the rest of the day and through the night. Lisa and I are planing on heading down to Lake front to relive our hair band days- and watch Bret Michaels reveil whats under that pretty bandana of his during the concert! Thank you all for your thoughts and prayers- Heres to more of them answered! God is Good!"

monday. make it a good one (or as good as it can be considering it is a monday;)). xo

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