Monday, July 1, 2013

where i stand

had a great photo prompt today from my class about documenting where i stand.

i took this shot today of where i stand when malena and i leave her gymnastics class. every week we walk in this parking lot. her class is one of my favorite parts of our weekly routine. i love that i now have a shot of our feet planted on this piece of pavement that brings me so much joy every week.
tonight was a girls night and so i let malena pick what she wanted to do for dinner. she chose "chicken robin" - are any of us surprised? nope, i don't think that we are. we had a great time eating, talking, and playing tic-tac-toe. she even got to sit in a seat all by herself since we were in a two top table, she was so excited. why she is holding up the sugar holder is a mystery to me, but it made me laugh so we went with it.
we spent 1.5 hours tonight on our patio doing watercolors. it was awesome. so much fun spending time with her painting and talking about our days, and her giving me tips on what colors i should be using. love that she has so much painting advice that she is inspired to share with me, makes my heart happy that she is so invested in how our paintings turn out.
from where i stand, this was a great monday. pretty amazing thing to say considering it was my first day back at work after vacation. not surprising that gymnastics, a fun dinner, and time outside painting can make all of the crappy parts of the day disappear. when you focus on where your feet are planted everything else seems so much less important.

hope your monday was as good as mine. may the places where you stand bring you joy. xo

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  1. That photo of Malena and the sugars is hilarious!!!! Big smiles all around for a happy monday :)