Thursday, July 11, 2013

dustin + chase

when i was on vacation, a saw a link to a video that i think that everyone should watch.

take three minutes and eleven seconds of your day. it is well, well worth it.

trust me. i have never steered you wrong before, right? right.

you will be the better for it. i know that i was.

ok, now click on this link and be moved by his honesty:

i also wanted to share some amazing news - chase got to come home from the hospital for good yesterday. awesome, awesome news.

here is the latest post:

"Welcome Home Chaser!
Written 12 minutes ago
We pulled into the neighborhood as a visitor for the last time yesterday about 6 o'clock. As we passed all of the Captian Chase signs, it felt better than it ever had before. Tanner and Casey met us at the neighborhood entrance (they had been waiting an hour), and Tanner cruised on the sidewalk with his little battery powered Motorcycle, and Casey on his bike yelling "Welcome home Chase!". As we rounded the final turn, our neighbors/friends, sitting in their lawn chairs, clapped and waived. We pulled up to the driveway to balloons and signs - Chase loves balloons!. It was definitely an awesome feeling! Chris and I we grinning from ear to ear! Its sooo good to have Chaser home!

Wow, what a last couple of days these have been. A whirl wind of emotions. We have gone from, extremely excited we are bringing our boy home to overwhelmed to scared to excited again, just a number of mixed feelings. I am sitting in Chase's room watching him sleep in his new hospital bed. Trying to make the once was a office, a warm and comfortable environment for my sweet boy to sleep in. Of course we are repeating the Captain Chase theme and it is coming together slowly but surely. Chase's night last night was his first official night here at the house and we couldn't have asked for a better one. He slept so peacefully and didn't wake up once. Today was his first day at therapy in Burnsville. Got up extra early so we were prepared to leave and get there on time. I am not used to packing a extra bag full of meds,
diapers, extra outfits and towels for throwing up. It is a good thing I did because I needed it all. I was solo today for the first time. It was my responsibility to get Chase to and from for his therapy. It was a bit of a challenge but both Chase and I survived. Of course Chase decides to throw up while I was driving but I remained calm just pulled over and began to clean him up. Thought that was out of his system because it was a good one but no, two more times during therapy. Not a good first impression Chase. Ha! The afternoon was spent with Tanner pulling out all the toys that Chase used to play with and some of the new ones we have bought to spark that little brain of his. Tanner and Grandma took turns playing and cuddling with him today, while I tried to organize the house. I am trying to make some kind of rhyme and reason out of this whole incident. It is like having a newborn all over again.
Although the last 30hrs have been overwhelming, I would trade them for nothing. My little boy is home, with my other precious two children, and we are once again a family! Welcome home Chaser! God is Good!"
have a great weekend peeps, enjoy all of the moments. xo

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  1. Thanks for sharing Dustin and Chase. I had seen links to that on FB- but hadn't watched until now. Totally choked up!! For Chaser- I think my fun mail is coming up in July so wanted to double check with you. I still need address et al :) glad your back on the blog- missed you! xo