Thursday, July 18, 2013

and so it begins

day one. year 38.

it was a good day.

scratch that, it was a great day.

quiet morning at home.

favorite coffee shop. green tea. playing.

lunch at a favorite restaurant.

some shopping at a favorite craft store.

notice a trend? lots of favorites;)

red velvet gluten free cupcake. yum.

watching my daughter take pictures in downtown seattle. "wait mom, i need to take some pictures of that building." so i waited. i watched. i soaked it in.

a birthday nap.

a pottery vase painted by my daughter. i heart her handmade gifts.

great dinner.

seeing the new disney movie "turbo" with our besties.

lots of good wishes and love.

solid rest.

couldn't ask for a better start to 38. loved every second of it (minus the two hours i was working).

have a great weekend peeps. enjoy it. soak it in. say your thanks. share your love. xo

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