Thursday, May 30, 2013

results + relay for life

today was another loooong (in duration and intensity) work day.

but today became a great day at 5:25pm when i got a call from my dermatologist.

as soon as i saw his number light up on my phone i took a deep, deep breath.

i said "hi dr, how are you?" and he said "hi, i am good, and so are you." have i mentioned that i love my derm? i knew then that whatever else he had to tell me it was going to be ok. the lump was benign. how awesome is that? i am still kind of in shock. i think that i have gotten so used to bad news that when good news actually comes it takes a little bit longer to really sink in - but now with two good results in a row, i think that i have the hang of this. i would be more than fine with having good news be the norm for me from now on. let's just go ahead and plan on that. i deserve it don't you think? i know you do and that is why i think you are so great;)

thank you so much for all of the good thoughts and prayers and ongoing mojo this week while i waited on the results. i felt all of the good vibes coming my way and appreciated it immensely. clearly, they worked - you all are magic makers, so glad that you are on my team. lucky, lucky me.

if life (aka drama at work) cooperates with me tomorrow, i am going to make it down to aberdeen to join my parents in the relay for life they participate in each year to raise funds for the american cancer society. the first lap of the relay is always the survivor lap, and i am intend to walk that lap with my dad and my friend sharon (hi sharon!). i sometimes have mixed feelings about the term "survivor" but that is a whole blog post unto itself. i will bravely walk that survivor lap, and i can guarantee you that there will be tears. lots of them probably. but that is ok. i deserve that lap. i am surviving - and thriving. i will be thankful for the opportunity to be there. to walk that lap. to be with my parents. to acknowledge that i am fighting, to send good vibes out to all of those i know that are also still fighting, and to remember those that have already finished their fights.

i will walk for them.

you will walk with me.

anywhere i go, you go.

have a good weekend. xoxo


  1. So so happy that you got good news. You totally deserve it. I know that you will have a great weekend since it is starting off with such good news.

  2. Happy Weekend Alli! So glad to hear of the great news. I still think it's the green smoothies. Black beast and green smoothies do not mix :)