Monday, May 27, 2013

attitude adjustment

i am working hard on having an attitude adjustment to recover a little from the last two weeks. i am trying to shake off all of the fear and anxiety and get back to life as "normal" (never really sure what that even is anymore). it will take awhile to kick the bad vibes, but i am trying.

on friday my derm was able to get the entire tumor out. he thinks that it is a fatty tumor that will be nothing to worry about, but we will wait on the results to confirm that. i am feeling a big sigh of relief that he thinks it is nothing, but as barrett says, we will be cautiously optimistic until we get the actual results. my leg is now feeling pretty sore, the bruising has kicked in so that makes it a little bit tougher to walk without favoring my left leg. in two weeks i will get the stitches out. the stitches and scars will be worth good results. thank you for all of the good wishes and thoughts, i really appreciate it. i was thinking of all of those good thoughts on friday when i was laying down and staring at the white ceiling tiles while the derm was taking the tumor out;)

i also wanted to say thank you for all of the good thoughts for crystal, she got her results back on friday and both of her biopsies were benign! awesome news, huge relief.

our weekend was full of family which i loved. we got so spend some quality time with our newest family member, isidro, and as you can tell he is about as cute as they come.

we went to the races on sunday like we do every memorial weekend, a longstanding family tradition. i think that we may have a little gambler on our hands. malena spent a lot of time checking out the race stats and informing all of us which horse we should put our bets on.

we also got to see a great video of chase smiling this weekend, we loved that. here is the latest update:

+++ "Bummer. The race did not finish the way we had hoped it would. Paul's teams car crashed in the 3rd lap, but at least JR walked away from the crash safely. With the quarter of a million fans that attended that race, I know there are plenty of people that walked away disappointed, but I can't say the same for this race-Chaser had a great day! Although he was up at the hospital all day, he was able to attend the HIP-HOP festival at Canterbury Park today in Spirit. I received a call yesterday from a friend of a friend, and very generous man, that he had pulled some strings and wanted to have an artist do a painting in honor of Chase and his fight on the Graffiti wall the festival. Although Chaser as familiar with Snoop Dog, as his mom and dad are, I am sure he would have been fist pumping with all the rappers, had he been able to be there! He kept his streak of sleep filled nights going for Gramma Dawn, letting her get her beauty sleep on the pleather, coarse, couch-bed next to him in the room. We asked the nurse how the night went, and she laughed and said, Gramma sure slept good, I came in and she was snoring :). It has been great to have Gramma and Gramps at the house to help out - they are definitely earning their keep. Gramps took Tanner and Casey fishing today, and they managed to catch a few despite the crummy weather. We brought Chases puppy Carly up to reunite them. It wasn't quite the blockbuster moment we had hoped for, but Chase seemed to recognize her, and appeared to lift his arm a little to try and touch her the first time I put her on his lap. I helped him out, and when that soft furry ear of hers that he used to tirelessly tug on, slid between his fingers, he did make a little facial gesture and squint his nose. Carly seemed a little taken back by the entire situation, after licking his face a few times, she wanted to get back on the floor and look the other way. Maybe she knows something is wrong with Chaser, maybe not, but it was good to us to see Chase together again with his best friend. Chase remained alert all day, with his eyes wide open in a very calm, relaxed state. In Between the visitors we had today, mom and I took Chase for a stroll on his trike in the skyway, and managed to get more smiles on command from him. I can't tell you how incredible it is to see him smile! It was two weeks ago tonight that I sat with him on his bed, watching him curl his little body in pain, helplessly listing to the loud moans, praying I could see him smile again. Well, here I am, smiling as I write this, knowing that he has been storm free for 14 days, and listing to his soft, gentle breaths. Wow! God is Good, Very Good!"
+++ "For the last the last ten years, this saturday evening would be filled with excitement and anticipation of the race to follow tomorrow, the Indy 500. It is has been an annual trip to Indianapolis for Lisa and I since we have met, but this year we will be watching it on TV instead of live and in person. We have a new race we are front and center for, and this one Chase is in the drivers seat. He is currently in first place with all of the accomplishments he has made in the last couple of days. He is still storm free, and sleeping through the night. We haven't had a heart monitor attached to him in three days. His muscle tone continues to be tamed with the meds, enough so that he is able to sit and tolerate a self peddling trike. (We posted a quick video of this on his facebook page). We are anxious to get him home to start a new chapter. As strong as we have both tried to be, we realize that it is a limited time we can keep up this pace. Unfortunately, we are starting to see how it has affected our other two precious children. We are working on plans to modify the house and accomidate Chaser coming home- and to be honest, it can't come soon enough! We have decided to take away some of my mancave, to make what used to be our office, into Chases new pit stop. We have spent the last couple of nights at home with Tanner and Ava. Last night Amy spent the night with Chaser, while Tank, Grampa L, and I went fishing, and mom and Ava got their nails done. Tonight Gramma L is having a sleep over with Chase, as we and the kids just got home from a great day with the neighbors at Valley Fair. Mom and I are looking forward to cheering JR #4 on tomorrow on our 12" LCD TV by Chasers bedside tomorrow :) As tough as this whole situation is, I could not imagine trying to get through it without the support that we have been receiving. It seems like everytime one of us hits our breaking point, there is something or someone there to pick us up. We are blessed to have all of you behind us, and WE want to give you all a heartfelt thanks........ Thank You! God is Good!"

last, but most definitely not least, we remember those that have fought for our country on memorial day. i liked this post we remember as it gives good reminders of how showing our support for service men and women can go a long way. sending much love to our family members who are currently serving - love you. xoxo

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