Wednesday, May 22, 2013


i thought this post, "a letter to former indiana governor joe kernan" was so, so great.

"today, i’m thinking about how we never really know what other people are experiencing when we pass by them in the everyday moments of getting on and off an elevator to paying for gas to picking our kids up from school to standing in line at the grocery store. for any one of us, a relationship is ending, a daughter is about to have a baby, a new job has been offered, someone has just been diagnosed with cancer. we could extend kindness in these moments if we would pay attention, look up, and even just smile at one another."

i hope that you will "look another in the eye with kindness" today.

have a good wednesday peep. look up and smile. xoxo


  1. Fantastic thought. I was just watching a video with a similar message - the 2005 graduation speech "This is Water" was made into a short video:

  2. love that letter. thanks for sharing alli. xoxo. hope your thursday goes well and that you, yourself are confronted by much kindness today. oxoxo.