Tuesday, May 28, 2013

attitude adjustment, part ii

i could focus on the fact that work was complete and total hell today, or that i have to go into work tomorrow on my day off. trust me, i could focus on that.

but instead i am choosing to take a couple of minutes at the end of the day to focus on something much more important and useful: a summer bucket list.

inspired by marta, i have thought about some of the things that i want to check out of our summer bucket list, including:

+++ disneyland
+++ airplane rides
+++ hot air balloon ride with barrett
+++ sleeping in a tent for an outside campout
+++ endless s'mores
+++ family reunion with the sheehans
+++ time in pullman with my sister
+++ eating my most favorite dessert ever - the birthday cake my mom makes me every year
+++ eating dinner on our back deck
+++ watching malena play in her little pool
+++ walking behind malena as she rides her bike
+++ park time
+++ pony rides
+++ long walks
+++ train rides
+++ chocolate donuts just because we can
+++ eating frozen yogurt
+++ wearing my favorite flip flops
+++ girl time painting our toenails
+++ farmers market for fresh fruits and veggies
+++ lazy mornings in our favorite coffee shop
+++ leaving the windows open to let the fresh air in
+++ watching gorgeous sunsets
+++ bbqs
+++ fresh fruit
+++ my retreat to the oregon coast....

and i am just getting started...what's on your list?;)

chase had some fun with shaving cream today, check out the latest on his day:
+++ "I hope everyone had a great holiday weekend. I know the Lykken household was very busy. Family time at Valleyfair, hanging with the neighbors, shopping for Chase in preparation to come home. The date has not changed, it is still mid June, but that will be here before we know it and I want to be prepared. Chase spent alot of time with his Grandma Lykken, poor Grandpa was fighting a cold so he didn't get to spend to much time with Chase but spent alot of quality time with his other grandson Tanner fishing. He also made himself busy fixing things around the house. We greatly appreciate it. Our support system is absolutely incredible. We couldn't get through our day to day lives with out the help of our friends and family. With that said thank you to all who have touched our hearts and helped us out in so many ways. I don't think words can express how grateful we are to have you in our lives. Love to you all :)

Chase has had some great days in therapy. We got to keep the famous trike over the long weekend, so we made good use out of it. We took many of rides up and down the skyway this past weekend. Chase just loved it and so did we. Today we saw something new. Chase usually tracks voices and sounds with his eyes moving side to side but today he moved them up and down. Which was very exciting to see. He only did it a couple of times but hey I will take it. Hopefully there will be more to come. Today in PT/OT Chase got to play with shaving cream. It truly is amazing how they come up with different thing to try to get movement. Chase was sitting on his therapist lap, in front of him was a table. She put his hands on the table and sprayed the shaving cream all over his hands on the table making a huge mess. Chase's reaction was priceless. I almost couldn't believe it. He had small subtle movements like he was trying to pick up the shaving cream. He moved his index finger a couple of times as if he was pointing towards the large pile of shaving cream. He also cracked a few of his "Chase's" smiles. while all this was going on his favorite song was playing in the background, Some Nights. I think Chase is rediscovering his mouth. The last couple of days he has been opening his mouth wide and sticking his tongue out. Playing around with the saliva that sits in his mouth. It almost seems like he wants to say something. I know we are a long ways away from that but there is hope!!! I guess for now I will take the sticking out his tongue part even though he knows I wasn't a big fan of that kind of behavior. I will take it......Dont tell his sister I said it was okay to stick his tongue out. Chase's PH levels have been going up and down this last week. It started with a 3 then moved to a 7 went back down to a 5, then a 3 and now today it was 2.8. We are going to increase his meds again. The doctors have suggested to stick him with a IV again but Chris and I are really againist it. We feel it is just a quick fix or a band aid so to speak. With the IV he will get the med fast but then what. His therapy will diminish because of the IV. It is hard to do any stretching with that in. He wouldn't be able to start his pool therapy which is suppose to happen this week. Just so many cons and not enough pros. So we are going to up his meds and today we started to put some actual formula in his G tube. That will help the acidity. The nurse gave him 10ml today at 2:00 and another 10ml at 6:00. He kept both of those down which is super exciting. Hopefully that is a good sign he can keep that in his stomach and we can add more. Cross your fingers!!!! Here is to more good things to come. Good night to all."

happy wednesday, mine would be happier if i wasn't at work...oh wait, i am supposed to be adjusting my attitude...happy wednesday, we are one day closer to friday.

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