Sunday, May 19, 2013


"we do not remember days...we remember moments."
(cesare pavese)
this weekend was definitely full of a ton of good moments:
+++ two campout nights and getting to sleep in on saturday morning. i love the mornings when we get to sleep in until we wake up on our own. one of my favorite parts of the weekends.
+++ watching malena practice putting while we were waiting for barrett to check out a golf store. i think that the club was bigger than she was;)
+++ building a fort out of blankets in our living room and playing in it with malena for hours on saturday and sunday.
+++ sitting next to malena while she read me countless books.
+++ watching her swim half way across the pool, i love to watch her swim.
+++ sharing a gazillion laughs with her, some when we just could not stop laughing and cracking each other up.
+++ s'mores and seeing the chocolate and marshmellow all over her face and hands. that girls loves her s'mores in a big way.
+++  a ton of hugs and i love you's.
+++ renewing my magazine subscriptions, which was a tough moment, but i did it intentionally this weekend to give melanoma a heads-up that i mean business tomorrow.
+++ signing up for a photo class that i want to take in july, you know how making plans on the other side of results is tough for me, but i decided i needed to be brave.
+++ giving my mom-in-law a birthday suggestion for me, my birthday isn't until july and with the way things are now i would not normally give any suggestions this early because it would feel like i was tempting fate. but, i decided i tempt fate and make plans as if i had no cares in the world about what july will bring.
+++ joining friends to walk in a 4k to raise funds for juvenile diabetes.

+++ my friend tami completed her first half-marathon and wore my bracelet for inspiration. awesome.
+++ my friend mary completed a walk to raise awareness about melanoma and honored me with every step she took. awesome.
+++ having fun making cards with malena in our craft room.
+++ laying next to malena as she fell asleep tonight.
this weekend was full of moments, and i loved every single one of them.
right after we crossed the finish line at the walk, my friend crystal pointed out a man wearing a captain america suit. we tried to catch him to take a picture but couldn't find him as it was pretty chaotic after the race finished. but we were excited to see another sign from chase, he is definitely continuing to show signs that he is fighting hard - all the way from wisconsin to seattle this weekend;) go chaser go!
here is the latest update on chase:
+++ "A weekend filled with excitement! Chaser had another full night of sleep last night with Gramma J- making this this the third night in a row he has slept through the night. A friend of hers came up and used some of his own PT skills to give Chaser his own private therapy session. Gramma said Chase really enjoyed the session that it put him to sleep. This morning Chaser took Gramma J out for Brunch at the Ronald McDonald House. While they were having brunch, we were having a good time ourselves with Tanners hockey team and families, celebrating a clean sweep and taking first place in thier tournament. After celebrating, Tanners team gave Chase one of the Champion tee-shirts they were awarded, so we brought it, and the winning trophy up to the hospital to hang out and celebrate as a family. We hung out in the room for a couple hours, and watched the rain fall hard against the dirty window panes. Although it was storming out side, inside the room we smiled as we discussed this being day eight without any sign of N-storms. With his big brothers help, Chaser had another first today. As Tanner was sitting on his bed with him, he rubbed his feet and legs with a cold wet washcloth. As he did this, Chase raised his legs up and bent his knee in quick reponse. We were all very excited to see this, especially Tanner! We went for a log stroll in the skyway, and down to the second floor, with Ava proudly steering his ride safely through the halls. Gramma wanted to stay one more night with Chaser, so left left him in her caring and wounderful hands. Mom, I, and the kids are now at home winding down the night, getting ready to start another work week tomorrow. Have a great night. God is Good!"
tonight i am asking for good thoughts, prayers, and mojo for my friend crystal. she went in to see her dermatologist last week and the derm biopsied two moles that she was concerned about. crystal should get the results back this week, and as you all know, waiting on biopsy results sucks in a big way. although i am 100% confident that these biopsies will be clear, let's send her our good thoughts this week until those clean biopsies come back and we can breathe a big sigh of relief. i am so proud of her for going in to the derm to have them looked at, that's my girl;)
so tomorrow at 2:30 we get the ultrasound results from my oncologist. i would not be surprised if i hear the word "biopsy" tomorrow. i won't be surprised but won't be a big fan of if either, but i do want to know what the lump is and i want it out of my leg. i have to say that having a lump that you can feel is one of the most unnerving things i have experienced. so if a biopsy gets it out, count me in. thanks for all of the good vibes, mojo and prayers coming my way. i feel them and will carry them with me tomorrow into the appointment.
anywhere i go, you go. xoxo

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  1. Of course I got to the blog tonight at 10:35 one minute after you posted! Thinking about you for tomorrow and hoping there is good news that comes quickly. xoxo