Monday, January 7, 2013

updates + giveaway

+++ today we had the 4 year appointment for malena. oh man, it was all going good until the word "shot" came up. then, all kinds of hell broke loose. poor little thing, i have serious mom guilt when the shots come out. she put up a hell of a fight, i don't blame her, i know how much shots suck. but, we all survived, and of course deserved a jamba juice afterwards.

+++ michelle's act of kindness was dedicated to josephine gay. here is michelle's update,
“She had just celebrated her 7th birthday a few days before, and was planning a party that weekend. We recently had a birthday party to go to, so when we bought a gift for the party, we also gave a donation to Hopelink, which purchases toys for children in need. We figured that just because she couldn’t celebrate her birthday, we would help another child get a gift who might not have otherwise. She was also autistic. Her parents also established Joey’s Fund in her name through the Doug Flutie Jr. Foundation for Autism. We gave a donation here as well."

+++ thanks to all who are helping to make sure that fun mail is making its way to jen every week. i got to talk to jen about two weeks ago and she is so appreciative of the fun mail. she told me that she is constantly surprised by strangers sending her positive vibes, and i know that it means a lot to her. since we started the campaign, jen has had some further biopsy tests with some discrepancies in pathology that has created hope for good news, but leaves some questions and next steps not yet fully answered. i think the fun mail is working and cancer knows not to mess with a woman who gets fun mail every week. so i think that if we keep sending it, we can get cancer to permanently get out of town. sound like a good plan? yep, i think so too.

+++ today i saw this "the best is yet to be stamp" (the larger of the two with the same text) and i felt like it was the perfect stamp for cards to kick off 2013. my second thought was it must be time for a giveaway. right? right! so, you know the drill by now. this time i am going to make it even easier. leave a comment on any blog post (go to the blog if you are reading this via email) between now and friday and i will draw the winner this weekend. oh, might be good if i mention what you will win;) 5  handmade (by yours truly) cards with "the best is yet to be" stamp, along with five stamped envelopes. i know, pretty awesome. so leave a comment already.

happy tuesday.

one week from tomorrow is results day for me. the one week countdown is on peeps. ugh.


  1. Me! Me! Me! umm it's my birthday week so I deserve to win more than others. Plus I love the best is yet to come as a theme for 2013!

  2. Don't listen to Emily!! Pick me! Pick me! :)

  3. You know I don't have time to craft as much as I would like to. I NEED these cards!! Megan

  4. Wow, I almost feel guilty bumping Alli's peeps off the winners circle, but those cards are mine folks. Step aside. :) Ann

  5. Who ever gets the cards will love them.

  6. The best is yet to be, for you and for me! Xoxo - chris

  7. Love receiving Alli cards. Would be honored to send Alli cards!