Wednesday, January 30, 2013


we got the best news possible today regarding the scan results. the scans did not show any other areas of concern, so my lung is our only focus. we will be getting a meeting scheduled with the surgeon as soon as we can book it, i don't know yet when surgery will be or what recovery would be like, etc.

if the surgery results indicate that it is benign, i will go back on regular scan rotations.

if the surgery results indicate that it is melanoma, my prognosis changes to stage IV. but i am not going to talk about that today, because i am celebrating the good news we got today.

thanks for all of the good thoughts and prayers, they are clearly working. keep sending them my way please until we get on the other side of surgery with benign results.

i am off for a little celebration lunch with our parents - and i will be having a cold glass of reisling...or maybe two;)



  1. Don't know anyone who deserves such good news more than you! More good news to come, I'm sure!

  2. Sit next to James and make sure he keeps pouring ;) We will be celebrating for you tonight and we will celebrate more when we see you on Friday. BIG HUGS!

  3. Replies
    1. I am go glad to hear the great news! Thank you for providing such a quick update. We'll keep the good vibes headed your way!

  4. Very glad to hear the good news!

  5. Yay!!! I am so happy for you!! That is wonderful news!!

  6. Alli, Kevin and I were so relieved to read these news. We are thinking of you and rooting for you all the way!!