Friday, January 25, 2013

friday goodness + new valentine's card giveaway

today was a good day.

i got to drop malena off at her new preschool and i got to pick her up. i loved it, so fun.

i had a dermatology appointment this morning to have him check one mole that i thought was starting to look a little suspicious. all clear. whew. after he looked at it he asked me how i was doing. unexpectedly it was a waterworks show. he is good though, and just talked with me for a few minutes and reassured me as i got the tears to stop. sometimes i don't even see it coming when the flood gates suddenly open up.
i worked for a couple of hours and then had fun with my mom and dad. great lunch and some fun shopping to get us out of house. we had a good time (as usual when i am with my parents). even though i was so tired and and still felt a little crappy, i wanted a distraction. mission accomplished.
my dad made his world famous nachos tonight for dinner, so good. he used to make them for me when i was a kid, i still love them (and him) as much as i did then.
as part of a new tradition we started last weekend, tonight we are having a campout in our living room in front of the fire. so of course we also had to have s'mores.

when we were shopping today, i saw fun little valentine's day cards and stickers.

i decided to buy a pack and make them into cards for another giveaway. crafting them up will give me something fun to do this weekend. you win, i get to craft - we both win, how great is that? so if you want some very fun valentine's day cards to send to loved ones, leave a comment on the blog (click to the blog if you are reading this over email). leave a comment on the blog by 8pm sunday night and i will pick a winner. 5 valentines, 5 stamped envelopes with xoxo stickers, and 5 extra "the best thing about you is" cards and you will be ready to go. good luck!

we get my results at 8am monday morning, so please send me good vibes at that time. i will definitely need all of the good thoughts that i can get. at this point, the very best news he could tell me is that the only spot they see is the one on my lungs that we already know about. the worst news would be anything other than that. but it will only be the best news so no need to worry about the worst, right? right.

i never really thought a time would come when i would be relieved to know the only spot i had to be worried about was the one on my lung. at this point, that would be the best news possible because it would give me hope that we can do surgery, remove the nodule, and find out that it wasn't cancer to begin with. spots in other places obviously make everything a lot tougher. but regardless of how hard it is, i will keep hoping and fighting.

there is simply no other choice.

xoxo (just like those stickers on the envelopes you might win - have you wrote your comment yet?)

+++ if you love thin mint girl scout cookies, you probably want to check out this drink. my mouth is literally watering. yum.
+++ new bags and kindle/ipad covers at curly girl design. i am drooling.
+++ i am buying carry on, warrior this weekend. can't wait to start it.


  1. Smores...yum.
    Valentine's Days...<3
    Your spirit :)
    Sending you healing light.

  2. Sounds like a perfect Friday to start your weekend. Xoxo

  3. Looking forward to my sleep in the living room.

  4. Can Clara and I come over for a camp out sleep over?! Love!
    And btw it's so my turn to win cards :)

  5. I totally pre-ordered Carry On, Warrior! I hope it gets here before our vacation. :)