Monday, January 14, 2013

here we go again

i am exhausted.

this morning barrett and i met with malena's current teachers to see if we can gain any ground in understanding why she is so unhappy about pre-school. then we toured another school. we are going to make a change and start to transition her to a new school a few days a week. this parenting stuff is hard work, it is tough to know when you make the right decisions for your kid. i guess we just go with our gut and the rest will shake out as it is meant to.

following the busy morning, i had a couple of hours of super busy work hours. then it was time to head for scans.

i picked up ellie - my scan good luck charm - and we headed to cancer care alliance.

usual process. checked in. bloodwork. iv put in. taste of saline. you know the drill.

since we are focused on my lungs this time, i didn't have to drink the contrast solution which was nice. i did have to get it in my iv during the scan, but that is better than also having to drink it for an hour.

post scan ellie and i snacked (we always bring treats because a) i am typically starving since i can't eat before the scans and, b) we love snacks) on good things - like hot tamales;)

i was feeling ok (not great, but was hanging in there) until about 8pm and then i started to go down hill. that contrast solution never sits well with my stomach. i am now really not feeling well and am going to try and get some rest. hoping the dreamcatcher kicks in tonight for no nightmares combined with some long periods of sleep.

thanks for all of the good vibes for my scans and results.

i get my results at 4:30pm so send more good vibes all day long.

thanks peeps, you rock. let's hope those results do too.

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  1. all love flowing your way right now.. am so hopeful that you will get positive news tomorrow!!! xoxo