Thursday, January 10, 2013

friday + final giveaway reminder

"the days are long, but the years are short"
(gretchin rubin)
this week has flown by, and i am so glad that tomorrow is friday. it has been a week of long days around here. 4 year appointment and shots on monday. pre-school drama each day with malena. she is in a real rough patch right now with school, and so that means we are all in a rough patch. every single day. with work, school, and scans coming up we are in total exhaustion at our house. all three of us, wiped out. i feel like i could sleep for days.
one good thing that i have going for me is that my friend marcie bought me a dreamcatcher  to help with my nightmares. i have not had one nightmare since that dreamcatcher has been next to my bed the last couple of weeks. i still have dreams non-stop and am still waking up throughout the night every night, but no nightmares. i am loving that. i don't think that i have had nights with no nightmares leading up to scans ever. i am totally in love with that dreamcatcher. oh, and i kind of like marcie too for being so thoughtful for thinking of me when she saw it;)
our weekend is going to include the following:
a party + hopefully some sleep + not having tears over having to go to pre-school + a visit from my parents + haircuts + making homemade creme brulee (wish me luck peeps) + celebrating my parents 41st wedding anniversary (hence the attempt at making creme brulee) + brunch + mimosas + seahawks + running + time in the craft room + friends + trying to not think too much about tuesday
also, this is your last reminder if you want to leave a comment for the card giveaway. remember, i will making 5 handmade cards with this stamp. the cards will also come with 5 stamped envelopes so all you will have to do is write in the card and send it off. yep, it is that easy peeps. i will pick a winner from all of the comments left on the blog this week, but you have to leave a comment by friday (by pacific time for all you rule lovers) to have a shot at winning. i will announce the big winner on saturday. woot!
happy friday all, have a great weekend - make the most of it. xo


  1. Know that i am thinking about you lots right now, and hope the nightmares stay away!

  2. So glad to hear no nightmares! Thinking of you tons. Sign up for another race with me. Hot chocolate run on march 3. Hoody and chocolate fondue at finish. How can you say no to that? Kerry

  3. you know the random number do-hickey likes me best. :)
    yay to no nightmares!