Wednesday, September 25, 2013

what i know

a couple of truths i know today.

i know that i am feeling like there is not nearly enough time in each day.

i know that my life/work to do lists are mounting faster than i am getting things done.

i know that i am not sure if there are more things in or out of my control, but i am pretty sure that it seems to be leaning towards the later.

i know that i just need to breathe.

i know that i hate cancer.

i know that i also hate that all cancer patients don't get the good insurance coverage they deserve.

i know that walking in to meet barrett and malena for dinner after a long day at work  changed the whole day around.

i know that malena surprising me with a long stem pink rose is just about as good as it can get.

i know that holding her hand while we walked to the store was just the connection that i needed.

i know that watching her drool over the pens and notebooks in the office supply aisle makes my heart sing a little bit because she loves pens and paper just as much as her mommy.

i know that jumping on my trampoline for five minutes is fun, and not as easy as you would think it would be.

i know that i wish that my family lived closer so that i could just stop in at their houses and say hi on days when i miss them, which frankly is pretty much every single day.

i know that sleep feels like a friend that i don't ever get to spend enough time with.

i know that this article is one that i think that everyone should read, and i know that i wholeheartedly agree that "life might bump and bruise us, it may not always go the way we plan and i know i get frustrated with mine, but here's the thing: you are alive."

i know that seeing a video of a friend lip syncing can make you laugh harder than you have all day long (liz -- if you are reading this, you totally rock - xoxo).

i know that the time i spent thinking this weekend about prioritizing my dreams (a long list) was a good use of my time.

i know that seeing happy mail when i opened my mailbox today was awesome (hi special friend, kristy, kimberly - loved seeing your names when i pulled out the mail stack).

i know that spring rolls are awesome to eat for lunch.

i know that my mom canning peaches and pears for us makes life better at dinner time.

i know that when i saw some pumpkins at the store today i got excited about going to the pumpkin patch with malena, walking through the corn maze, and doing rubber ducky races.

i know that i am thankful for this space to write and clear my head.

i know that i am lucky to have another day.

i know that for sure. xo

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