Monday, September 30, 2013

hello october

so, the month is here. you know, the one that has scans in it. damn the last two months have gone fast, it feels like we were just getting the good news on the last scans - how is it possible that it is already october? i don't know either but here we are nonetheless. ugh.

the last couple of weeks have been harder than i really expected them to be. i thought i had kind of worked my way out of it but then i spiraled back down. so i am working on bringing myself back out of it and focusing on making the next couple of weeks another great month.

so on this first day of october, i choose to think about all of the fun things that october holds, including:

+++ a girls weekend on the east side of the mountains
+++ getting my tattoo
+++ celebrating the upcoming arrival of a baby boy for my dear friend kerry
+++ gymnastics classes
+++ swimming lessons
+++ popcorn and movie nights
+++ halloween party with malena's classmates
+++ making halloween crafts with malena
+++ addressing birthday party invites for malena's first birthday party with her friends
+++ carving pumpkins
+++ making ghost cookies
+++ dinners with friends
+++ baking monster cupcakes
+++ lunches with friends
+++ decorating for halloween
+++ celebrating my mom's birthday
+++ trick or treating
+++ splashing in puddles
+++ jumping on my trampoline
+++ reading
+++ walking and running in the rain (i get to start running again -- i am so excited!)
+++ hugging
+++ smiling
+++ laughing
+++ loving
+++ sending happy mail

i hope that this month will hold good things for you as well. we all deserve a good month. let's hope that it ends that way too. xoxo


  1. You are so positive! I definitely need to have a little bit of whatever you are doing to stay so upbeat. A colleague of mine came into my classroom the other day and said that we all just need to find a way to keep each other going this year. It's kind of a crazy place where I teach, and everyone is super stressed out. But, I love the folks I teach with, and I keep saying that it's up to us to make it happen.
    OK, so I'm in Ohio...what is on the east side of the mountains? Which mountains?
    And, what tattoo are you getting???
    Have a good week!

  2. When are the dreaded scans? I'll be thinking of you and praying that you have great results... :)