Friday, September 27, 2013

friday, you are looking good

thursday was one of those days were the good outweighed the bad (the bad of course being the long crazy hours i spent at work). after work i got to catch up with some of my favorite girls and we had a great night. we had a perfect spot to watch the sunset, thanks to a great september day in seattle. after a good dinner, we headed to the great wheel which always provides amazing views of the city at night. we finished the night off with a carousel ride, air hockey and photo booth pictures in the arcade. very fun, lots and lots of laughs.

this weekend will be a good one. after work (boo), barrett and i get to go to malena's school to hear about her latest curriculum and then i am headed to a massage (yay!!!!!). tonight is our usual friday routine of popcorn and project runway and campout. i love the routine of winding down from the week with some quiet time at home with just the three of us. saturday is going to bring a trip to alderbrook with my friend kris, looking forward to catching up with her and catching my breath at the same time. sunday i get to celebrate the upcoming arrival of a new baby boy, i am sure that some football will also be on our tv. the weekend is also going to include some fall traditions, like the annual moving out of malena's summer clothes to bring in the fall ones. i am also going to spend some time thinking about elise's three things concept because i think that it might be just what i am looking for to help me with my growing to do lists.

have a great weekend all -- hope it brings you some time to breath and relax. and sleep. xoxo

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