Sunday, September 8, 2013


i wish that our weekend could have lasted longer, it was just that good. the only thing that could have made it better would have been if all of my family could have been there (we missed you nerd, ty, jess, karah, zach, and isidro).

+++ driver in training (while the car was not actually on of course for those that may think that we are a little ambitious to start her in driver's ed;))
 +++ i don't drink it very often these days, but i think that it is good to drink white wine on any day of the year - and i 100% agree with this sign, which totally cracked me up while walking by it on a sidewalk in front of a kitchen store

+++ gluten free hard cider. yes, it has sugar. yes, i made an exception. yes, it was good. no, i don't regret the exception. back to juicing and green shakes tomorrow.

+++ i didn't drink all of these by myself...or did i?;)

+++ loved taking some time to stop and check out some of the small historic towns along the drive. i heart road trips.

+++ a good reminder while i enjoyed my last mug of tea for the day

+++ two words: pure joy. this is one of my most favorite pictures i have taken of her. ever. there are no words for how much i love this picture. you know this one is going to be framed.
 +++ we shopped our little hearts out.

+++ a little clearing in the sky after massive rain storm, including thunder and lightning which put on quite the show.

+++ a little more shopping, and i love capturing our time together just having fun.
+++ i also started and finished where'd you go, bernadette and loved it (jennifer and mama steg - you were so right, could not put it down). i think that it might be one of my favorite books i have read. unique. funny. heartwarming. also, if you are someone who has ever lived in seattle, it will definitely, definitely, definitely make you laugh. highly recommend this one my friends.

i want to give an important update that my friend had a successful surgery on friday and there results were no cancer. yes!!!! no cancer, two of my most favorite words in the world when they are put together in that order. thanks for all of the good vibes, mojo, and prayers. clearly, they worked their magic again.

also, here is the latest on our little warrior chase who keeps fighting:

"Chaser kicked off NFL Sunday playing a little football himself. Tanner and I were outside playing catch, with Chaser watching us, and we put a football on his lap. After a minute or so, Tanner came running up to me, "Dad, you want to see something really cool? Watch Chases hand with the football on his lap." I ran over to check it out, and his hand lifted up, and his fingers were stretching out to grab the football. Wow! This was especially exciting because he had been moaning in discomfort, and his tone was really stiff the previous 3 hours. Of course, I didnt have my phone with me the first couple of times, which were much better than this video, but we did manage to capture some of it to share.

We had all had a great weekend. On Friday, Lisa surprised me with a lobster dinner to celebrate our 11 years of complete bliss ...;) Chaser stayed home and kept Grama Judy company while I showed Lisa my dance moves at some little bar in NE Minneapolis with a couple friends. I spent Saturday at a golf benefit for Laker Hockey, while Lisa and Ava sang along with Taylor Swift in concert down at the Xcel Center. Tanner helped Grama Judy keep Chaser busy doing therapy and reading books. Today we had a family hangout day. We sat down and watched the Vikings start the year off with a loss. Chase had his favorite Football Jersey on during the game- but it didn't seem to help our boys out in the 2nd half. After the game Tanner and I took Chase for a stroll around the neighborhood on his therapy trike. Chase seemed to enjoy the exercise, he didn't moan at all. When we got back, Tanner and I decided to play some catch and try and throw the ball better than Ponder- which is when we shot this video. ....... (I posted the video on Chase's facebook page, as I am not sure how to on this website)

The last few days Chase has had some good hours and some bad hours. 5 o'clock seems to be the witching hour where he will feel uncomfortable and start to moan and cry like he is in some sort of pain. He had a doctor appt on Friday and we chalked it up to the antibiotic not agreeing with his stomach. He has just finished that med so we will see if the discomfort will stop. The throwing up still exists but it has become less frequent. We have increased his vest treatments to 2, sometimes even 3 times a day, along with a deep suction. We are not trying to change or add to much to his routine right now due to our Mayo visit coming up next week. We need to prepare Chase for his adventure and give him an easy and quiet week.

God is Good!"

happy monday peeps, i hope that this week brings you more good than bad. xo

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  1. Love that photo of your daughter! And, so glad you liked the book! I told you it was awesome! I read another one of that author's as well, but did not like that one as well. :( Oh well, I usually read all of 'em that someone writes if I like the author. Let me know if you have others to recommend, I'm always looking!!