Tuesday, September 3, 2013

sweet september + patty + chase

the middle month.

the one that does not begin or end with scans.

the in-betweener.

a month intentionally full of great things. intentional months are the best ones, right jenny?

some great on-line classes in photography and project life.

reading (mama steg -- haven't got to start yet, but am on it this weekend when we have a little vacation. so excited you love it!).


first family trip to bend for the three of us.

popcorn and campouts.

celebrating a couple of family birthdays, we love birthdays.

trip to alderbrook. yes.

family pictures.

baby shower.

checking out a indie movie that i have been so excited to see.

monthly dinner with my friend chris.

maybe getting my tattoo, need to get that appointment made.

girls night out.

documenting life through pictures.


juicing. more juicing. more juicing.

taking deep breaths.

sending happy mail.

taking malena to the fair. i guarantee you that we will spend most (scratch that, all) of our time wherever the horses are (sasha, i still think she might really be yours).

i am looking forward to the transition to fall. i love the crisp air. the changing of the leaves. the feeling of settling in and slowing down. the planning of the holidays.

i want to ask for you all to kick your good vibes/mojo/prayers for patty. she goes in for her scans tomorrow to see if the treatment has been working to stabilize her tumors. so send all of your mojo to seattle tomorrow and especially pour it on at 11:30 when they get the results. thanks peeps, we know you can all work magic. let's do it again tomorrow.

i know that you all will also be interested in the latest update on chaser:
"Even when recovering from pneumonia, Chase didn't skip a beat! Today in therapy he worked on his posture by sitting on the bolster, with the therapist sitting behind him helping hold him up, he continually pushed out at a beach ball to move it, on command. He did the left arm,then the right arm. The movements were slight, but definitely intentional. There is still a little processing time between directions and actions, but he is listening and following directions, so we will take it!

We had a good long weekend here the household. Tanner and I snuck off to Rutgers Lodge for 24hrs of fishing and golfing. Tank may have out fished me, but I showed him his old man can play shuffle board and swing a golf club a little better than he thought! ;) While we were off doing some male bonding, Ava was at a friends farm seeing how the country folk live. She picked some peppers and made some homemade salsa, apple dumplings and got to take care of some horses. Lisa, Gramma Judy, and Chase got to enjoy a quiet household and worked on some home therapy. Yesterday, we left Chaser with Gramma Judys TLC and took the Tank and Ava to the Mall of America to spin around on Spong Bobs rides.

Chaser seems to have recovered quickly from his spell of pnemonia. His antibotics seem to have done their trick. He has had a couple of nights with a few hours of obvious discomfort, evident from his moaning, but for the most part, seems to rid of the infection. HIs throwing up has still been very frequent, but it doesnt seem to affect him much more than the act itself. We are looking forward to the 16th! We are going to head down to mayo for a full week of tests and hopefully some answers! Chasers alertness and focus continues to be strong. Although he is still unable to communicate with us verbally, except when moaning in discomfort, he continues to speak to us through his eyes- and boy do they say alot! Thank you all for your continued support and prayers.

God is Good!"

have a great wednesday peeps, we are half way there. yes, yes, yes.

ps) josh --- so super proud of you for unicorning that job;)

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