Monday, March 5, 2018

treatment day + Lisa

treatment day and it was a long one.

checked in at 9:45 and had bloodwork.

then we met with my psychologist.

then we met with our palliative care support guide.

then we met with my doctors.

then i got to see lisa right as she was heading out from her radiation.

so say hello to lisa. for all of those that are sending her happy mail, prayers, good vibes, mojo, good thoughts - now you know who you are sending them to;)  

i of course wish that we were meeting up at some place other than scca but it was good to see her nonetheless - patients must stick together, that i know for sure.

we then grabbed something to eat quick and headed to infusion.

i am not going to lie. it was a tear filled day through those appointments.

that, coupled with the fact that i am on a run of nightmare filled nights again, made me crash out by the time we got to infusion. i was supposed to have my counselor appointment but i could not keep my eyes open so we had to reschedule that. i pretty much slept the entire time. i was so damn tired. the fatigue and lack of good sleep and just typical life is kicking me in the ass. 

then sometime after 5 we headed home.

i have scans coming up on the 16th and then results on the 19th.

this will be (is already) a nerve wracking month, i also know that for sure.

thanks for all of the continued love and support.

we appreciate it.

anywhere i fight, you fight. xoxo

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