Thursday, March 29, 2018

beth's day

"screw your courage to the sticking place"
(william shakespeare)

well, per usual, all of your love/mojo/prayers/dances worked their magic.

beth's biopsy went as well as it could have except for the team running late to get started.

here is how it went in her own words:

"Well we started off behind this morning.   They team was running late. The IV didn’t want to cooperate. So I have 2 bruises at my elbow and the IV is down at my wrist which I don’t love because that spot hurts. 
  So we started about an hour late.    But after that things went smoothly.  They do a lot to set up with the CT scan prior to the procedure.   But the procedure only took about 20 minutes.   They said everything went smoothly and I did good breaths for them. I have to hold my breath when they are inserting the needle.  I didn’t feel a thing.  
     I just got my X-ray and everything was clean.   So I’ll get to go home by 3 which is great.  I am a bit sleepy but feel ok.  
I am glad this part went smoothly.  I have to keep it low key this weekend, no heavy lifting.     Mom heads home tomorrow night.  Lars and i will spend Easter with friends.  
  And now i wait.  Wait for the results.   These may end up being the most important results I will ever get. 
Thank you for your love, support and prayers. "

she had her gloves up and now she keeps them up until we hear the results - and then according to my plan, she hears the knockout bell and gets to put her gloves down while cancer leaves the ring with a lot of bruises and cuts.

keep the love coming.

you all are magic.

remember that about yourself. all the time.

i remember that about you everyday.


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