Wednesday, March 28, 2018

mojo/love/prayers/everything you've got - send it beth's way on thursday and until we get results

"you're gonna be happy," said life,
"but first i'll make you strong."

on thursday morning beth goes in for her lung biopsy.

so we need to send her everything we have for things to go as well as these things can tomorrow and for good results (which she doesn't expect tomorrow but will come soon).

beth asked me the other night what a lung biopsy felt like. you would think that i would know the answer to that question.

i told her i didn't know because my tumors were always big enough that we went straight to surgery.

so that was one of the million reasons i have hope that this biopsy will turn out negative.

they don't know. it could be anything. they need to test to know more.

it could be just a random spot on her lung that has decided to make a move but is totally harmless but wants to be a huge pain in her life at the moment.

that is my bet by the way. i told beth that i am super smart about these lung things, clearly i have been around the block a few times with my lungs.

also, thanks to all of you that volunteered to send beth happy mail this week - you all rock. but i already knew that, and you did too, right? if not, it is official - you rock (give yourself a high five now from me).

thank you for all of the love, prayers, mojo, special dances - whatever you do to bring  good karma, make it happen tomorrow and keep it coming until we get good results.

because though no one knows what it is like to be beth, we are all in this together.

right? right. (insert hand fist emoji here)

where she fights, i fight - and therefore, i know you fight too.

gloves up.

here she goes - and i have no doubt in this round cancer is about to get its ass (rightfully) kicked by her one more time. i am pretty sure cancer has already headed out of seattle and will be nowhere to be found in that biopsy, i think it already took a greyhound south to warmer and dryer weather in the dessert where it can't touch anyone. it is hanging out with the cactuses and snakes where it belongs, hopefully getting a lot of bites. that include venom.

you've got an army behind you beth, and we've got you - for tomorrow and all the days after to come.

that i know for sure.

without a doubt.


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