Friday, March 30, 2018


today did not go as we planned.

i got a message from beth early this afternoon and all it said was "i got the call already. it's cancer."

that is where the FUCK CANCER comes in.

so it seems that her rectal cancer has gone metastatic and moved to her lungs.

let me have her tell you in her own words what she was feeling this afternoon:

"My oncologist already called.  It’s cancer.  Similar patterns to my rectal cancer.  So metastatic rectal cancer.    

I am glad my mom was here for the call.  It was an awful call to take.  

We didn’t talk too long.   They need to test the tumor to see if I am a candidate for immunotherapy.  Please pray that I am because that is the only was it is curable.  

My doctor told me since I have been feeling good to just focus on that.   

That’s all I have to say for now.  I am numb.  

Thanks for your love, support and prayers."

so now our next step is to send all of our mojo, prayers, love and whatever kind of special sauce you have to beth so that we get the results that she is a candidate for immunotherapy. send everything you have into the universe for that to be what she hears when she meets with her oncologist on april 10th.

i don't have any other words either because i too am numb.

i did not think that this was the news we would get.

i am so angry and so sad. i just want to wrap her up in bubble wrap, protect her from this, and make it all go away.

i don't have much more to say tonight because there are really no words that can convey what i feel either.

so send the love.

i am going to be asking you to send the love to another young cancer warrior, details to come on that very soon. this time there is a teenager that needs some love, and i think that we are the right ones to give it to her.

love you beth, you have an army behind you when you feel ready to pick up the gloves.


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