Sunday, March 11, 2018

60 awesome women raising $ for fred hutchinson cancer research with dice

"a strong woman looks a challenge in the eye and gives it a wink"
(gina carey)

on saturday night over 60 women gathered to play bunco, bid on silent auctions, buy raffle tickets, and put in for a 50/50 drawing to raise funds for our 2018 shore walk team.

in three hours, these women collectively raised almost $2700 for our team.

how awesome is that?

i know.

so damn awesome.

this event is put on my sister-in-law kim and her family and they do an incredible (understatement) job.

you all know kim from me sharing her story of her fight with breast cancer here on the blog.

but here we are together, still fighting.

hers says "losing is not an option" and mine says "fuck cancer".

both seem more than appropriate if you ask me.

it is amazing, but never surprising, what women can do when they come together for an important cause.

anywhere we fight, you fight.

scans next up for me on friday, results on monday.

these feel like the most important ones we have ever had. i can feel the weight of them bearing down on me and the scanxiety is in full effect.

so it is time to start sending me all the prayers, mojo, and good vibes you have.

thank you.


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