Wednesday, April 4, 2018

for kaylee, our new friend - a new happy mail campaign for a 13 year old cancer warrior + an update on our other fighters

"i've learned that no matter what happens, or how bad it seems today, life does go on, and it will be better tomorrow. i've learned that you can tell a lot about a person by the way he/she handles these three things: a rainy day, lost luggage, and tangled christmas tree lights. i've learned that regardless of your relationship with your parents, you'll miss them when they're gone from your life. i've learned that making a "living" is not the same thing as "making a life". i've learned that life sometimes gives you a second chance. i've learned that you shouldn't go through life with a catcher's mitt on both hands; you need to be able to throw something back. i've learned that whenever i decide something with an open heart, i usually make the right decision. i've learned that even when i have pains, i don't have to be one. i've learned that every day you should reach out and touch someone. people love a warm hug, or just a friendly pat on the back. i've learned that i still have a lot to learn.  i've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel."
(maya angelou)

this quote seems super appropriate on ms. angelou's birthday.

there is another cancer warrior that i am asking you all to help.

please meet kaylee, that is her in the picture above.

my friend crystal emailed me last week and said that her daughter's friend who is 13 was just diagnosed with cancer.

as you all know, cancer pisses me off, i can't tell you how angry it makes me to hear about kids with cancer.

so crystal and i are going to tag team to channel that anger into something good for kaylee.

crystal shared with me that in december after a month of having a bad cough kaylee went to the doctor. she was immediately sent to children's where they diagnosed her with stage 4 hodgkin's lymphoma and she started chemo just 3 days later. since then she has been through multiple rounds of chemo, hospital stays from complications, and will soon begin radiation treatments when her blood infections clear.

you can follow kaylee's story directly through her caringbridge site which is

so here is what we are going to do, what we do best. send mail to lift her spirits.

you know how this works, but just in case you are new here;) let me know through whatever means you have (email, text, fb, instagram, smoke signals, doing an odd dance, tripping me, whatever it takes) that you want to send kaylee some happy mail. it can be a card, a package, a post-it note, a postcard - whatever you want to do. no expectations other than sending her one piece of happy mail on the week that is assigned to you. you let me know you want to participate, i will connect you with crystal, and she will give you your assigned week and kaylee's address.

if you want to also send something directed to her parents or her brother, let crystal know that as well. as we all know, cancer doesn't only affect the patient - and i can guarantee this family can use all of the help they can get.

here are some things that i know so far she likes from crystal: soccer, starbucks (my kind of girl), taco time, and making slime and stress balls (balloons and water beads). i will share more ideas as crystal gives them to me.

so as my friend kerry always says, let's do this.

no one should ever have to fight cancer. definitely not kids.

let's bring some cheer to kaylee and her family.

are you in? i hope so.

speaking of bringing cheer, i wanted to give an update on lisa. you all made her day with your happy mail. here is a shot of her mantle with some of her happy mail - that is the goodness that you all do. it is pretty damn amazing if you ask me. she was so touched by all of the mail and kind words that you all shared with her and she is passing it on to other cancer patients. she is still recovering from her radiation treatments and dealing with the side effects from the meds that are supposed to help with the recovery, the irony. but she keeps getting better, so keep sending her your cheer, mojo, and love - it is working.

beth's appointment is coming up next week so keep all the mojo, love, and prayers heading her way - you know i will keep you all posted on how she is doing and the updates. i am still in denial on her latest appointment and numb, not sure that feeling will change at any point.

and for yours truly, monday was a treatment day for me. bloodwork was good, treatment was a go. i was in bed all day today with a bad run of nausea, hopefully that is not a new trend and was just a one day thing. i won't lie that it scares me that i am headed for a repeat of last year when i got so sick, but one day at a time. one day at a time. one breath at a time.

thank you for all of the love, support and kindness you all send out into the world. you make it such a better place for so many people, including me.

you really are the best.

that i know for sure.

thank you for supporting our new friend kaylee - i know you all will come through like you always do.

wherever kaylee fights, we fight.

time to put the gloves up again for her.



  1. You know to count me in on Happy Mail. Sending lots of love your way, too.

  2. A little behind/late but please count me in. xoxoxo