Sunday, June 7, 2015


three days of weekend goodness.
a kindergarten end of the year party.
pottery with friends, banana bread and green tea in the sunshine.
dinner on the deck in the sunshine with two of our favorite girls.
my last long training run for the half.
introducing two of our great-nephews to the zoo.
watching malena feed giraffes.
a house full of family and laughter.
cousin fun in the kiddie pool.
my mom's homemade gluten free scones and banana bread.
a gorgeous blue sky day for a 5k walk to raise funds for cancer research.
walking with my entire family and some of my favorite friends.
co-captaining (i might have just made that word up) team "cancer you can suck it" with beth.
swim lessons.
dinner on the patio with family on a warm sunday night.
going to bed early to crash out from a weekend full of goodness.
perfect way to end a weekend.
hope yours was a good one too.
ps) thanks for all of the mojo for beth, her results were good and she has 6 months until her next round. i was super, super thankful to have that news as we headed into the weekend.

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