Tuesday, June 23, 2015

the years

on friday we watched as our girl graduated from kindergarten.

she walked out of her class to "pomp and circumstance". she sang songs with her classmates. her name was called and she walked up to get her diploma. she tossed her hat in the air when she had officially graduated. she signed her name on her friends graduation caps, and asked them to sign hers. she ran around with her friends after the ceremony to play and celebrate that they had graduated and were now heading to the first grade.

in short, it was awesome.

i have no idea how we got to this point that she is 6 and headed into first grade. the days are long but the years are fast. so very true.

i could not be more proud of her and so excited for her to see what comes with her new adventures this fall.

and i could not be more thankful to be here to see it all.

these are the days to raise her up.

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