Tuesday, June 9, 2015

summer manifesto

every summer i think through the fun things that i want to do as june starts to roll around. i also pretty much love seeing lists from others and the fun things that they are doing, like this one and this one.

let's be honest, did you think that i was going to think about the summer and not have some type of list? i think that we both know the answer to that. right? right.

highlights on my list included...

+++ take malena to deception pass (briel -- thanks for the inspiration by helping me to look at the map and realize it is not that far;))
+++ picnics on tuesdays
+++ go to a water park for wave pool and slide fun
+++ watch a movie outside at the park
+++ do some watercoloring on our deck
+++ turn on the strings of deck lights every night that it is nice outside (can i just say that a couple of strings of little white lights shining at night can really make your day end on a better note)
+++ eat dinner outside whenever possible
+++ go to a book signing
+++ work on photos
+++ keep running
+++ hang out in my favorite coffee shop every once in a while and just read (and drink green tea obviously)
+++ take malena on a ferry ride adventure
+++ play with malena in her kiddie pool
+++ make some new smoothie recipes
+++ take a beginning yoga class
+++ go on a rock climbing with my other half (i will let you decide who is the better half;))
+++ enjoy wine tasting in walla walla
+++ be a tourist in portland
+++ having our family pictures taken by tara whitney (there are pretty much no words to explain how excited i am about this. no words.)

...and then i read ali's summer manifesto and i added one more --- the most important one -- to the very tippy top of the manifesto list. in fact, if i only accomplish one thing (well, this one in addition to our family pics by tara because that is already locked in -- did i mention i am pretty happy about that?) this will be it.

i will play.

it is as simple as that.

when asked "mommy, do you want to play with me" i am going to focus on my answer being "yes" (i know i won't do it 100% percent of the time, but like everything in life, i can always do better). i will try really hard to not say "yes, but i need to...." or "yes, give me just one second to..." or "yes, i will be right there after i..." or "yes, but i can't right now because..." or "yes, but i am just trying to finish..." whatever it is, if it isn't just a simple yes, i am going to focus this summer on the answer being that simple. don't get me wrong, everytime i am asked to play, my answer is not one of the above examples. but those phrases come out of my mouth more than i want them to.

so there it is. a manifesto of saying yes to play, and a long list of other things that might get added into the mix as well.

sounds like a pretty good summer to me.

hope whatever the summer is going to bring your way sounds just as good.

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  1. Sounds like an awesome summer! I did hear that there is a fair amount of construction at Deception Pass this summer, so check it out before you go. And, if you ferry to Bainbridge for that adventure there is an awesome park over there for Malena (you do need a car). We went with our nieces last year.